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A way to see the past with the eyes of the present.

Dear book lover,

Books are the foundation of our society; those who want to understand the roots of our culture and enrich the dimension of their own future cannot do without the book as a vehicle of civilization. Every time when we open a medieval manuscript we inhale its history, its past, the special aura emanating from its pages, full of collective experiences and individual stories. Each codex is a world of its own, a unique and exciting microcosm with images conveying a vision in all shades of history and helping us to understand the background that surrounded the artist and artisan in such a remote and fascinating time.

Welcome to the world of the most luscious facsimiles and illuminated manuscripts of all times. Before you enter this universe, let us tell you some more about us. Our company was founded in 2002 as a result of the association of several publishers from different countries specialized in art book: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

Our publishing house was founded with the purpose to distribute the greatest works of illuminated art with the highest quality standards for the reproduction as well the artistic value.

Our vision

What we are looking for

We are looking for exceptional and unique works of art through which we can disseminate art as an instrument to portray past times when miniatures and scriptures were one oft he most valuable goods of humanity.

What we offer

We offer something more than illuminated books, we offer a view of history through the eyes of art, through the picture of unique artists of our past that left behind something great in this world. A way to see the past with the eyes of the present.

Our competences

We carefully select our publishing projects and the international distribution of other publishers in order to offer you the most representative works published worldwide – for its artistic, historic or high production quality.

Contact us

We are always there for our clients. So please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, proposals or queries you might have. You can reach us via email, our social networks and telephone.

We are pleased to help you and offer you the best service – just like our books.

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