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Annunciation to the Shepherds

Date : 2018

Les Très Riches Heures du Jean Duc de Berry, France ca 1485/90

Musée Condé, Chantilly, MS. Fol. 48r

This miniature comes from a manuscript which has been valued as the most famous Book of Hours in the world. It has been the shining example for generations of painters. Its patron Duc de Berry (1340-1416), son of Jean II, King of France, was one of the greatest court art patrons and connoisseurs of his time. His library comprised about 300 precious manuscripts. Before his favour prayer book, the Très riches heures, was completed the Duke died, in the same year as the artists, the brothers Paul, Hermann and John Limburg from Nimwegen. About 69 years later, in 1485, Jean Colombes from Bourges was commissioned by the heirs to complete the work.

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