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The Chantilly Cassette

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Date : 2016

The Chantilly Cassette

Individual pages from the great collection of the Condé Museum

The Chantilly Castle owns one of the most beautiful and impressive libraries of the world and one of the most famous manuscripts of our times: The Très riches Heures du Duc de Berry.

The wonderful Renaissance-Castle which is located quite close to Paris was built by Anne de Montmorency in the 16th century and went through a turbulent history until finally in the 19th century it was bequeathed to the Institut de France by the Duc d’Aumal, son of the citizen king Louis-Philippe.

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The historic library of Chantilly Castle owns about 700 manuscripts and 12000 valuable books. There are published now 10 single facsimile pages out of the most beautiful and most important manuscripts of this incredible collection. The pages are reproduced under a passepartout which are placed in a splendid leathered cassette with an application of the emblem of the Chantilly Castle. An extensive commentary in a generous format regarding the history of the collection and of the Castle and explaining the miniatures of the single facsimile pages are included in this edition.

The folios

  1. May Day Ride
    Calendar miniature, Très Riches Heures of the Duke of Berry, Ms. 65, fol. 5v, Limbourg brothers, between 1410 and 1416
  2. The Tree of Jesse
    Ingeborg Psalter, Ms. 9, fol. 14v, North-eastern France (Diocese of Noyon), c. 1200.
  3. Adoration of the Magi
    Hours of Étienne Chevalier, Santuario no. 8, Jean Fouquet, Tours, c. 1455.
  4. Lovers in conversation
    Love story without words (Book of Lovers), Ms. 388, fol. 14, Paris, 1505 to 1510.
  5. Emperor Otto II.
    The so-called Otto page, originally a part of the Registrum Gregorii commissioned by Egbert of Trier, Ms. 14 bis, Gregory Master, Trier, after 983
  6. Hawking
    Treatise of Falconry and Hunting, Ms. 368, fol. 1v, Master of Ippolita Sforza, Milan, written in 1459.
  7. Susanna and the Elders
    Hours of Anne de Montmorency, Ms. 1476, fol. 40v, Jean Cousin the Elder or Niccolò dell’Abbate, Paris, c. 1550.
  8. The Initials I and N, The Creation of the World
    Flavius Josephus, Antiquitates Judaicae, Ms. 774, fol. 3, region of the Meuse, c. 1170.
  9. St. Mark’s Square in Venice
    Description de Venise, Ms. 799, fol. 4v, Master of Philippa of Guelders, Paris, 1st decade of the 16th century.
  10. The philosophers Diogenes and Crates
    Le Livre de bonnes meurs by Jacques Legrand, Ms. 297, fol. 99, Loire Valley, c. 1490.

Various manuscripts of

Musée Condé in Chantilly

For the first time, an edition will enable you to not only experience the fantastic variety and fine art of the magnificent manuscripts of one of the world’s most important manuscripts, but also allows you to possess a strictly limited edition of only 1000 copies worldwide, enjoying the masterpieces of the brothers Limburg or a Jean Fouquet.

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