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Initial Q, Ebo-Gospel

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Date : 2019

Introduction to the St.Luke's gospel

Ebo Gospels, Reims, between 816 and 835

The arrangement of this wonderfully balanced initial page displays all the characteristics of the Carolingian Renaissance, now in its second generation after its dawning at the end of the 8thcentury: the clear arrangement and lucidity of the script and the harmonious combination of elements of the Northern style with those of the Late Antique, this all is typically Carolingian. 

Ebo had been born in 775 and was brought up as foster-brother to Charlemagne’s son Louis, later called the Pious. He was entrusted with the treasures of the imperial house as a librarian. Archbishop Ebo not only encouraged Carolingian book-painting but actively promoted its new development. This is evident for example from his patronage of the Gospel-book which bears his name.

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