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The Luxury Box “Masterpieces of Islamic Book Illumination”

Date : 2018

The Luxury Box “Masterpieces of Islamic Book Illumination”

Through the launch of the Luxury Box “Masterpieces of Islamic Book Illumination”, the Müller&Schindler Publishers want to make a contribution to cultural exchange between the Islamic and occidental world. Those marvelous manuscripts are the ambassadors of the islamic civilization and their fantastic reproductions allow to reach the public directly without any danger of damaging the unique originals.

The collection of 12 single leaf editions in a limited super luxury edition: a luxurious box, worked out in real leather with rich gold embossing, is holding the leaves.

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For more than 1000 years, fantastic manuscripts have been created throughout the islamic world. For the first time ever, some of them are being partly reproduced as Fine Art Facsimile Leaves. They form a worldwide unique collection presenting the achievements of calligraphers and miniaturists from more than 10 centuries and different cultures from the Islamic world.

Each leaf is reproduced faithfully to look exactly as the precious original: every aspect, colours, and the shining gold –wherever existent – are being reproduced down to the smallest detail. Even the cutting is irregular, completely like the original.

Fine Art Facsimile Leaves from Marvellous Islamic Manuscripts in a Luxury Leather Box

Every single leaf is presented on a luxury paper passepartout. Describing texts in Arabic and English accompany each leaf, which is protected by a Luxury Presentation Map printed with foil gold.  A total of 20 different leaves are available in this series. Furthermore a selection of 12 leaves will be available in an ornamental case as a special luxury edition.

12 Fine Art Facsimile Leaves Collection in a Luxury Leather Box includes:

  1. Album of paintings, Iran, (BnF Arabe 6076)
  2. Yāqūt al-Mustaʿṣimī (BnF Arabe 6716)
  3. Kitāb al-maḫzūn ğāmiʿ†al-funūn (Treatise on Military Arts) (BnF Arabe 2824)
  4. Al-Maqāmāt by al-Ḥarīrī, (BnF Arabe 6094)
  5. Dalāʾil al-ḫayrāt (BnF Arabe 6055)
  6. Khosrow and Shirin (Sh.hn.meh) (Louvre Paris MA 1036)
  7. Blue Qur’an (Dublin CBL Is 1405A)
  8. Kalila wa Dimna (Munich BSB Arab 616)
  9. The Book of Theriac (Vienna ÖNB A.F. 10)
  10. Siyar-i Nabi (‘The Life of the Prophet’) (Dublin CBL T.419)
  11. Futūḥ al-Ḥaramayn (The Triumph of the Holy Places) (Dublin CBL Per. 249)
  12. Miraj Nameh (Paris, BnF Suppl. Turc. 190)

Fine Art Facsimile Leaves from Marvellous Islamic Manuscripts

This Facsimile Edition can be used in many different ways:

  • in exhibitions and presentations worldwide to transport the rich Islamic culture without the danger of compromising the irreplaceable original
  • as an exclusive gift representing its culture and its heritage in a very personal and unique way –in fact the most personal gift possible
  • and as an exclusive instrument to improve and enlarge cultural exchange between cultures, to get a better understanding of different cultures.

Driven by our philosophy – by providing our customers with these ambassadors – books in the highest quality, produced by using the most modern technologies as well as centuries old methods of traditional handwork we try to contribute to cultural exchange for a better understanding between peoples.

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