Kitâb al-Diryâq


Alternative title Thériaque de Paris
Format 28.5 x 37 cm, 72 pages
Origin 1198, Persia (?)
Topic History of medicine. secular
Style Islamic
Language Arabic, Persian
Artist/ School Muhammad ibn Abi al-Fath
Miniatures 72 pages on 36 plates
Commentary volume Italian, German, Spanish / French, English, Arabic
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‘Thériaque de Paris’

This fascinating Arab manuscript, dating from 1189, describes theriac, an ancient medicinal compound that was initially used as a specific cure for bites given by poisonous snakes and wild animals and which later became widely used as a panacea.

The extraordinary illuminated and gilded illustrations transform each of the 72 pages into a valuable work of art redolent of the fascination of the Oriental world.