Vienna Model Book


Title Das Wiener Musterbuch / The Vienna Model Book
Format Manuscript in paper − 9,5 × 9 cm− 56 miniaures in wood frames
Origin 1410-1420 (parte principal). Second half century XV, Czech Republic/Austria
Theme Lay book, Treaty
Style Renaissance
Languages Others
Artists/ Schools King Wenceslao’s school; art bohemio, french and italian
Content 56 miniatures in frames (39 pictures, 16 pictures about animals, fabulous creatures and 1 skull)
Miniatures 56 miniatures en 14 maple wood clapboard
Commentary  german or spanish
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A medieval artist and illuminator presenting his skills

This wonderful masterpiece so unique in its kind is now being made accessible to the public in the form of a faithful and genuine facsimile edition. The edition provides a selected circle of collectors with the opportunity to experience a great work of art in a small format, well before the Vienna Model Book returns to form one of the main attractions at the reopening of the Kunstkammer in the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna at the end of 2012.