St. Alban’s Psalter


Original HS St. God. 1 , Dombibliothek Hildesheim
Alternative title Albani Psalter, Psalter of Christina of Markyate
Format 27.9 x 18.4
Origin 1123 − 1135. St Albans Abbey, London (UK).
Topic Devotional book / Psalter
Style Romanesque
Language Latin, French
Artist/ School Alexis Master, Byzantine models, Ottonian influence
Content 422 pages: psalms, calendar, litany, prayers
Miniatures 46 full-page miniatures; 214 historiated initials

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Lustre and colourfulness at the service of the music

It is as if the artists of the St Alban’s Psalter, both scribe and painter alike, had music still ringing in their ears when they executed the Psalms from 1123 to 1135 in an incredibly lavish luxury manuscript.

The outstanding miniatures and painted initials of the book form such an expressive and lively coloured decoration that one can imagine them moving to the rhythm of music: a fantastic picture gallery from the heyday of English book illumination.