Pacino di Bonaguida


Alternative title Scenes of the life of Christ and Sant Gerardo de Villamagna
Format Manuscript on parchment − 30.9 × 22.5 cm− 19 folios
Origen Estimated 1320 − Studio of Pacino da Bonaguida, Florence (Italy)
Topic Particular Prayerbook
Style Gothic
Language Other
Artists / School Pacino di Bonaguida; Pacino di Bonaguida
Content 32 scenes of the life of Christ, two scenes of the old testament and four miniatures with the life of Beato Gerardo de Villamagna
Miniatures 38 miniatures on complete page


A masterpiece of the threshold of the Renaissance

Pacino di Bonaguida is one of the precursor of Renaissance art. His works are without magisterial exception, but it highlights one in particular: his illuminated book with scenes from the life of Christ without any text. For the first time the historical-artistic importance of this unique work is presented to a wide audience as a perfect facsimile edition true to the original.