The Chantilly Cassette


Alternative Title Die Chantilly-Kassette
Format Folios in passepartou
Origin Library of the Musée Condé (Chantilly Castle)
Topic Various
Style Various
Language Various
Artist Varios
Content 10 facsimile folios with commentary textbook




For the first time, an edition will enable you to not only experience the fantastic variety and fine art of the magnificent manuscripts of one of the world’s most important manuscripts, but also allows you to possess a strictly limited edition of only 1000 copies worldwide, enjoying the masterpieces of the Brothers Limburg or a Jean Fouquet.

Chantilly Castle is probably one of the most impressive and beautiful libraries in the world – it accomodates one of the most famous manuscripts of our time, among others, the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.
The beautiful Renaissance Castle, close to Paris, was built in the 16th century by Anne de Montmorency and expierienced a turbulent history until it was bequethed to the Institute de France in the 19th century, by the Duc d’Aumal – son of the King Louis-Philippe.

The historical library contains around 700 manuscripts and 12,000 valuable books. From this great stock, 10 individual pages now appear in a facsimile edition from the most beautiful and most important manuscripts of this incredible collection. The leaves are reproduced under a passepartout in a magnificent leather case with an application of the coat of arms adorning the entrance gate of the castle. The edition contains a large-format textbook with a detailed commentary regarding the history of the collection and the castle and including descriptions of the individual pages.