The Dream of the Magi


Shelf-mark HS St. God. 1, p.26
Format 26,7 x 18,4 cm
Origin Abbey of S. Alban, around 1130-1140
Library Hildesheim, Cathedral Library / S. Godehard
Topic Psalter
Style Romanesque
Description German/Spanish/English/French


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The announcement of the angel to the three wise men

One of the most extraordinary themes of Romanesque art is the interpretation of the verses of St. Matthew (Mt 2, 12) on the history of the wise men of the East, once they had offered gold, incense and myrrh to the Child. It is not God himself, but an angel, who appears in these types of images, some of which constitute the most beautiful representations of dream, and in which no attempt was made to illustrate the content of the dream-world dimension.